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Show the real YOU!

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HERA | THE WIFE Goddess of marriage YOUR GIFTS: faithful and loyal partnership; your capacity to unite, merging feminine & masculine qualities. Partner - Extrovert – Power Wanna know all about her? Click on the button below and YOU get access to her...



APHRODITE | THE SEDUCTRESS Goddess of love YOUR GIFTS: Your boundless erotic energy and disarming way of relating. You’re fascinatingly exotic, a seductress and an amorous adventuress. Romance -Beauty - Sensual – Love Wanna know all about her? Click on the button...



ARTEMIS | THE REBEL Goddess of the hunt and the moon YOUR GIFTS: the ability to focus, set goals and achieve them. Your independence & the capacity to develop meaningful connection with other women. Rebel - Hunter - Focussed - Pure - Freedom Wanna know all about...

Hello, I’m Wendy.

Photographer & visual storyteller. I help women find their superpower and how they can show their light to the rest of the world.

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