Let’s be honest…

You’ve outgrown your visual identity. That’s what worked a few years ago – doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s not you! You’ve evolved, developed, changed. It’s time to shed your old skin and get real about who you want to be in this world. Unburdened by the past, freed from what other people think is right. It’s time to be YOU.

The only problem?

You have no clue where to begin, or even where you’re going.



This experience is for you, love.

A celebration of who you are, right now. A small, but huggable tribute to this phase of your life.

A woman’s life is defined by major milestones like birthing a child, finding a mate, starting a business and so much more. But time slips by fast, and often we forget to celebrate those moments of initiation. Lost in thoughts like “I’m not sure I deserve this” and “I don’t have time” you miss the opportunity to acknowledge yourself for all you do. And that’s a bit sad, don’t you think?

This photo shoot is designed for you to create a tangible memory of who you are in this very moment + to treat yourself to an experience that’ll make you realize YOU are worth raising a glass to!


Read the recommendations from other women who have been photographed by me.

A few years ago I had my professional pictures taken. They were beautiful, but as both I and my business evolved, they weren’t a true reflection of who I had become anymore. And being a Personal Branding coach, helping entrepreneurs building a business that reflects who they truly are, I felt that it was time I showed my true self much more than I had done before. I really wanted to have new pictures taken, but I am very camera shy. Several people in my network were so enthusiastic about Wendy and her work, that I decided to work with her. And I am so happy I did! We spent a lovely day together that felt more like spending a relaxing day with a good friend. It took the pressure off this whole ”having your pictures taken” thing. After the shoot I was still a bit anxious when waiting for the pictures: will I truly see ME in them? But when Wendy sent me the pictures I was over the moon: this is me! My pictures now truly reflect who I am and how I work. They are so much more personal, which is exactly what I hoped for. Do you know that feeling that you have pictures taken and only a few of them really feel good or look like ”you”? Not with this shoot! I am so thankful for having so many pictures now in which I see my true self and they’re all good to share with the world. Thanks so much for this Wendy!


Marloes Halmans

Wendy visited me in Dubai for my VIP photo shoot. It was such a pleasure to have her around me. Wendy has lots of humor and she is beautiful and caring person. She makes you feel special, like a real model.

I forgot about the camera and had so much fun during my shoot. The results are beautiful! Wendy stayed with me for 5 days. Everyday we had several moments to take pictures. For every occasion I have a photo in my portfolio that I can share or publish. Wendy has also created amazing stock photos that I use for my website and columns.

I can really recommend Wendy VIP photo shoot: to have your private photographer makes you feel like a VIP and great results are guaranteed!

Annechien Lubbers

My own pictures are very important for me! They play a very important role in my branding as an online entrepreneur. That’s why I’ve been looking for years to find my dream photographer. I’m so happy to tell you that I found her!

Wendy knows what I need. She understands that my visual identity is more then just a headshot. I felt nervous for our first shoot but Wendy made me feel comfortable immediately.

My clothes, the back-ground, the accesoires where all aligned with my logo and website colors. As a result I got gorgeous photo’s. I can use them everywhere I want, they will always match my brand.

My online visual identity is on top now. I get compliments every day! Thank you so much Wendy!

If you’re looking for beautiful pictures as a strong part in your visual brand, I can highly recommend Wendy!

Anneke Krakers

Working with Wendy was an extreme pleasure. Before our shoot she sent photo samples to me to give me an idea of what to wear for my photo session. I found that really helpful. But what I loved most about working with with her is how effortless and easy everything felt. She made me feel comfortable and gave great direction in a natural way. All the photo’s really captured the essence of me. Recently, she took photo’s of my family and again she handled everything with natural flare. That was especially impressive with my very active two year old. We have fantastic photos to share with the rest of the family, because of her patience and quick action with the camera! I found the photographer who fits everything I need in great photography! Thank you, Wendy

Susan de Vriend

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Wendy. She made me feel comfortable and at ease in front of her camera and the pictures are absolutely amazing. During the shoot she taught me all the necessary tricks to pose and be myself at the same time. The outcome is stunning and I am proud of the beauty she capture. Thank you Wendy! ♥

Jennifer van Balkom


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It’s time to opt your game, lady. To stop confusing your customers with a mishmash (dare I say mismatched?) brand and instead create a strong, no-nonsense, clear visual identity.

In this online program you’ll discover the super power in your brand. With the help of your goddess archetype we’ll create the perfect online presence. One that reflects the real YOU and makes your ideal customer swoon (and pull out her credit card).