What’s your 


I’ve developed a method that reveals your core and captures your divine essence. From that place of clarity, you’ll know exactly how to pose, dress, move, style – no bull, a 100% you.


♥ Fascinate people without even trying?

♥ Celebrate yourself, from top to bottom?

♥ Access your power in a way that feels effortless and fun?

♥ Take control of how people perceive you?

Then you’ve come home, sister.


You have an archetypal momma – a source you spring from, the shape of your soul, your inner goddess.

Your goddess archetype is an invitation to explore your feminine landscape – fascinating and ever changing.  You and I will use it as a roadmap to create a photoshoot or visual identity that fits like a pair of spanx shorts – yes, that’s as much fun as it sounds!


If you’re a goddess with a twist – deliciously flawed and with an uncanny ability to distinguish real from fake – then let me join you on the never ending journey to finding yourself and make this FUN again!

Imagine being fascinating, powerful and attractive without even trying.

Sound good?

Then you’ll love this Goddess Archetype Test.

You are a unique mixture of goddess archetypes. Your main archetype informs how you make decisions, what gives you joy and also… what works for you when creating your visual identity.

When your main goddess archetype aligns with how you present yourself to the world, you access your SUPERPOWER.

Step 1 is to do the FREE test and find out who your primary Goddess is and what your superpower is.

The test is free en only cost a couple minutes of your time.

Want to go a bit deeper? Then go take a look at the free resources and find out what the superpower of the other Goddess are.

 Like to go deep, be thorough and secure results?

(I can just guess what your archetype is!)

Then apply for the online workshop. Here you’ll learn all there is to know about goddess archetypes and how to use their qualities to boost your visual identity. You’ll dive into her characteristics, her story and how to apply it to your life. It’s a guided journey of discovering YOU in a tribe of likeminded, no-nonsense goddesses.

With this knowledge you’ll be able to create a life that excites & satisfies you. It’ll inspire you to give yourself permission to be who you are, say no to those elements that don’t belong with you and make HELL YES! decisions every day.