A few years ago I had my professional pictures taken. They were beautiful, but as both I and my business evolved, they weren’t a true reflection of who I had become anymore. And being a Personal Branding coach, helping entrepreneurs building a business that reflects who they truly are, I felt that it was time I showed my true self much more than I had done before. I really wanted to have new pictures taken, but I am very camera shy. Several people in my network were so enthusiastic about Wendy and her work, that I decided to work with her. And I am so happy I did! We spent a lovely day together that felt more like spending a relaxing day with a good friend. It took the pressure off this whole ”having your pictures taken” thing. After the shoot I was still a bit anxious when waiting for the pictures: will I truly see ME in them? But when Wendy sent me the pictures I was over the moon: this is me! My pictures now truly reflect who I am and how I work. They are so much more personal, which is exactly what I hoped for. Do you know that feeling that you have pictures taken and only a few of them really feel good or look like ”you”? Not with this shoot! I am so thankful for having so many pictures now in which I see my true self and they’re all good to share with the world. Thanks so much for this Wendy! Marloes Halmans

Business coach