Having my pictures taken is not my most favourite pastime 🙂 It’s just that I am so utterly critical of images of myself. Like putting the world’s strongest magnifying glass smack on my face to show me all of my little flaws.
However, for the success of my (partly online) business it is absolutely essential to have professional visuals. So I hired Wendy to help me out. My only requirement: the visuals should reveal the real Patty and not some makeup covered Barbi-like copy of me.
Wendy did a lot of preparation work. Together we created a Pinterest board that reflected the desired look and feel and we had a thorough discussion about what aspects of my personality and way of working to include in the shots.
Wendy came to my house and we spent almost a day together. In my office, in my living room, with my dog Buddha, outside in nature and with my partner. And the day was just so pleasant! Wendy was able to keep me in a relaxed conversation while taking her shots.
And then the results came: and the shots were absolutely amazing! I loved looking at them since they truly reflected me…..
So I started using the visuals everywhere: website, social media, video’s etc. Without any doubt: they have taken my business to the next level. And since I received such a big portfolio of shots, I still haven’t used them all!
Spending money on this shoot was something I needed to think about. But it was so worth it! And I decided: I am worth it. And so are you!
Patty Post