My business had made a transition from local to international. Women with small local businesses and speakers from Kuwait and England alike asked me to help me free their voice, presence and personal power.  So, I needed to up level my visuals to align it with the reality, and my vision. When I asked Wendy to help me I had visualized a certain sound in pictures with an international and a timeless feel.

I had no idea how to make that happen. I had blue, gold, castle type walls and the soft bows of old roman church ceilings in my head. I so wanted the photos to resonate my deep love for powerful women who are brave enough to use their voice for change. We use 5 strong women’s power archetypes in my work to help my clients align with their authentic voice and power. Several stories played out in my head that might resonate well with that; we discussed options and communicated it via the use of a Pinterest board. Wendy did an incredible job where she helped me to cut through too many stories. She knew exactly how to take out the essence of “what I’m about”.

We had some magic going on… two days before the shoot weather turned out to be wet and windy. Wendy is not one to be easily defeated. She took it upon her to find the most perfect location – which turned out to be everything, to the last details, I had been envisioning.

The shooting itself was such a joy! If I feel guided well, I love the process – it’s like a small performance with one person who wants to portray you in a way where you will look wonderful and where the pictures are meaningful. I’ve never been a good small talker, I would hate my photo’s to be that. And the minute I saw the first picture I could hear my own sharp inbreath and my eyes became all prickly. She has got me to the teeth. Wherever I go now, people recognise me immediately. Even when nobody has heard me singing, they get my head is full of music all the time. Explaining that I listen to the sound and look for the harmony in life and business has become understandable after the pictures of Wendy. Having photo’s that really match the essence of my work makes it so much easier to communicate and market what I do. There are still unused photographs and even those are good to have. It’s a constant reminder of what can be, it’s the promise of the change that is waiting for us around the corner.

Elisabeth de Charon de St Germain

Singer. Women’s Leadership- & Holistic Voice Coach.