This was the first time I’ve ever had my professional photos taken. And for me, that was a huge step in my business. It was a sign that I’m taking it as seriously as I want it to be. For me, this was the first step of many steps forward that I’ve taken over the last few months. Maybe I realized it at the time, or maybe I didn’t. But, regardless, it was the first professional step I took. And it was scary for that reason, but, let’s just say the scary went away as soon as I started with Wendy. Wendy made the scary achievable. Possible. And that was so exciting.

And the work I’ve done with her over the last few months, from the photography to the branding, etc. has brought so much clarity, so much excitement, and so much passion. Literally every meeting I have with Wendy, I leave so excited to tackle whatever we just talked about. It’s been the most exciting, professional thing I’ve done for my business and my branding since I’ve started my business. In particular, our work together, the photography, etc. has finally put the face that I want to associate with my coaching with my coaching website and my business. And that’s incredible!

Coach Ellyn

Transformational life coach