Bodyimage | shade 1 

The way we look. They way we see. It’s different for me for you. Especially how we see ourselves. What would we change if we could only see what others see. Or see or selfs with the love and kindness we look at others. Why is it that when we look at ourselves we only...

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Dear Medellín

Dear Medellín, You where a big surprise. A surprise I loved!  The jungle vibe, your transformation and your coffee. Ohhh, you coffee is define. After 3 months of mediocre coffee I arrived in coffee heaven. It is so inspiring to see how the city transformed...

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How to prepare for your photo session.

I'll start out by saying that plenty of rest and hydration is the best preparation for any photo shoot.  As well I know, it may be tough to fully address all the items on this list before your session, but accomplishing even some of these will greatly impact the...

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Picture Perfect

Do you feel a little jealous when you look at other peoples Instagram and see their picture perfect life? In this time and space we are so focussed on making the perfect picture, that I feel we sometimes forget what it’s all about. Life is not perfect! And...

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Dear Lima

Dear Lima, Today is my last day here and it's been a blast. Thanks for all the good food, the gentle seabreeze and stunning sunsets. The month was over before I knew it and I am a little sad to leave. Your museums are beautiful, I loved Mate and Larco. Calleo was...

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Dear Córdoba

Dear Córdoba, You where a bit of a challenging month for me. With a lot of ups and downs. Your sierra's are beautiful and one of my favourite moments was riding a horse to the beautiful hills. Seeing the sunset from the top was breathtaking and riding back...

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Paying it forward | SonRisas BA

This week we payed it forward and helped out SonRisas with there event. The Social and Solidarity Center, SonRisas, is a place where children find an alternative to the street, have fun, receive affection, have the possibility of holding artistic, cultural workshops,...

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Buenos Aires

Dear BA, Long time no see! You where the beginning of this adventure. We ringed in the New year and what a start of the new year that was. Celebrating this with 50 new friends. And the best part of the getting lost on the way to next party, because your...

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Comfort zone

The place where you feel comfortable. Where you know what is going to happen and what to do. This comfort zone is different for everybody. For me my comfort zone is staying inside and be on my own doing my thing. See I have two sides in me the introvert and the...

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Hello, I’m Wendy.

Photographer & visual storyteller. I help women find their superpower and how they can show their light to the rest of the world.

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