This experience is for you, love.

A celebration of who you are, right now. A small, but huggable tribute to this phase of your life.


A woman’s life is defined by major milestones like finding a mate, birthing a child, starting a business and so much more. But time slips by fast, and often we forget to celebrate those moments of initiation. Lost in thoughts like “I’m not sure I deserve this” and “I don’t have time” you miss the opportunity to acknowledge yourself for all you do. And that’s a bit sad, don’t you think?

This photo shoot is designed for you to create a tangible memory of who you are in this very moment + to treat yourself to an experience that’ll make you realize YOU are worth raising a glass to!



We’ll talk about how you imagine your photoshoot to go and what you’re envisioning for the end result – your dream portrait.

Next we plan the shoot. From what to wear to how to optimally prepare. I’m here to guide you and answer any questions or concerns you might have. You’ll leave feeling elated and excited to do your shoot!


On the day of the shoot, you’re welcomed by me and my professional makeup artist. While we’re enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, she’ll pamper and prep you ‘til you feel like a goddess, from head to toe.

Then it’s time for your actual shoot. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll give you directions all the way, based on your main goddess archetype: what outfits to wear, how to move & pose. I’ll even make lame jokes to make you laugh.


Afterwards we’ll plan a date to reveal the beautiful photographs we’ve made of you. You can make a selection of your favorites and order whatever photo’s and sizes you want to take home.


You’re welcome to bring your mother, sister, friend, partner or child. He or she will be photographed as well so you can experience this special celebration together.

P.S. Warning! You’ll look STUNNING! So book a night out!

P.P.S This photoshoot is the ultimate gift to any woman you love.

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