A renewed sense of love for yourself.
We play. We dance. We laugh.
It’s a celebration of YOU.

You don’t have to photogenic. I’ve got you babe. I will tell you exactly what to do and how to pose. I will research locations and make sure you will have an epic experience. We will laugh, dance and have so much fun. The photographs are gonna be just like you imagined and maybe even more beautiful you could have dreamed off.

I am there to support your throwout the whole day. I will make sure you feel like a million bucks. Before our shoot we will plan out all the details. From location to branding to what to wear. I got you!

Trust me I understand how scary it can be. Everybody gets nervous in front of the camera. I promise you it is not as painful as you think. As a portrait photographer I worked with many people and one of my main objectives is to make you feel comfortable. Trust me!


Tell the world who you are without saying a word.


A shoot is based out of three steps.

1.Pre- photoshoot

Together we will explore all the possibilities and plan it all out. I wanna know who you are, what you do and how you like to present yourself and your brand.

With my unique methode I will create a unique blueprint that will capture you and your brand. In a exclusive pre-session we will go over all the details, like what to wear, to bring and which locations we are gonna shoot.

2.Your photoshoot

Choose a full day, half day or quarter day photoshoot package and spend time with me, in front of the camera, getting treated like a star.

We’ll hit multiple locations, capture the perfect lighting and explore the locations in order to get a good mix of both candid and posed shots. I want to see you being you and bring that to your images.


The day after our shoot I will give you a little preview of your photo session. Within 2-3 weeks we meet again (live or online) to go through the results together and pick the winners.

I’ll make sure you end up with an image library of your dreams. You’ll receive your image selection in all the right formats to supercharge your online presence and create a strong visual brand.


Learn the specifics details of each photography package and pricing by clicking on the photo’s on top. Or leave a message below and I will contact you asap to answer all your questions.



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