You deserve to be seen!

Let’s bridge the gap between who you are and how the world sees you?


Hello love, I am Wendy.

A rebel with a cause, mama bear, wild woman and dreamer.

But, like you, I’m really too many things to fit onto a page.

Here are some highlights:

I’M A…


My primary goddess archetype is Artemis – bold, independent, a wanderer. I exchange the well-trodden paths for the wild and unfamiliar. I venture beyond the fence and draw outside the lines. Why? Because I know that’s where we’ll find the magic.


I adore meeting new peeps and hearing their story. Stories matter. YOUR story matters. It gives me a hint of what makes you tick. Your story is the fabric with which I weave your visual identity.


As my horoscope says: “You want to see everything”. And that’s so true. I love observing people – how they move, interact. It simply fascinates me to see how their true self is revealed in the smallest of details. It’s my joy to really see YOU – through my lens, or simply through the eyes of heartfelt love.


Creating innovative solutions makes my heart flutter. Especially when these solutions make you see how gorgeous you are.


Join my tribe and you’ll remember the sheer joy of sisterhood. I’ll show you how to break though the daily grind and adorn yourself like the goddess you are – just us girls, having the time of our lives – and yes, that’s a promise!




At age 4 I gave my first fashion show, during a family weekend. Mom put me to bed (or so she thought), but I decided it was time for something far more exciting than bedtime. I swapped my PJ’s for a very stylish outfit and went down to show it to the whole fam. Everybody laughed and praised me for my gorgeous styling.

Mommy put me to bed again, but the show wasn’t over yet! PJ’s were again exchanged for perfectly combined outfits in radiant colors.

I’ll never forget the sense of pride, excitement and self confidence as I showed my “true colors” and fell in love with the dress-up game.


When you first felt that spark of joy as how you looked aligned with who you are?

“Let me capture your true essences. Gift you with an experience you’ll never forget, a memory for life, but most of all let’s have some fun and celebrate YOU!”




♥  I have a magic potion called “photogenica” that I put in my clients’ drinks that instantly reminds them how to flaunt their unique beauty. But remember: Hush hush!

♥   Before the shoot begins I deploy a secret weapon that eats camera shyness and insecurity for breakfast. It’s called “treating your client like a queen” and might take the shape of a goddess card reading, champagne, fresh strawberries and pink toilet paper.

♥  I think in solutions, not problems. Any “problem areas” I’ll transform into your new favorite asset. How? By helping you understand that every part of your body is a vital element of your story. Once you own your story there’s a certain “I don’t give a sh** anymore about pleasing other people” factor, that makes for stunning images.


Lady Gaga

I want you to know that you are so lovable – every bit of you, right now. I’m here to help you unlock your inner goddess – you know, that energy that makes you breathe a little deeper, boosts your inner f*** you when you need it, and dares you to follow what FEELS. SO. GOOD.

Official biography

Wendy van Hardeveld

Wendy van Hardeveld


Wendy van Hardeveld, portrait photographer, helps female entrepreneurs create an awe inspiring visual identity using a unique method: © Goddess Archetype photography.

Using the archetype as a roadmap she shoots photos that fascinate without even trying, celebrate the unique beauty of the woman and lets them take control of how people perceive them and their brand – while having the time of their lives.

Wendy studied Fashion Management at the AMFI in Amsterdam, Holland and studied marketing at Berkley. She’s a B-schooler and Tony Robbins junky attending many of his events. Wendy also studied with star photographer Sue Bryce in Paris.

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