The last couple of weeks I have struggled with a lot, not been feeling myself. Really tired, sick and struggled with being creative. Create portraits for this project I wasn’t inspired and kept putting it off. Today I made myself sit down to get it done. First I got frustrated, because it wasn’t working as I wanted it to be. I wanted to quit and be like ohhh well, this was a fun idea but not working for me. And then I remember it I wanted it to be fun and not perfect. I wanted to play and create.

The moment I changed my mindset it flowed. And here it is … shade 5 layers.

We all have layers. Some colorful, some light and some dark. That’s the intention behind this selfportrait. We all smile, but is the smile real or is their a lot of pain, insecurity behind that smile.

In these social times, where everything needs to perfect. I think we sometimes forget what real is. I always see a lot of smiling faces on Instagram, but also know that their maybe smiling in the photo in real-life their not.

I feel like we sometimes forget to look at the layers under the smile. And maybe even more important we don’t always have to smile. Just be YOU and keep it real.

Layers | Shade 5