The way we look.
They way we see.
It’s different for me for you.

Especially how we see ourselves.

What would we change if we could only see what others see.

Or see or selfs with the love and kindness we look at others.

Why is it that when we look at ourselves we only see the parts we don’t like. The parts we wished where different.

Why can’t we embrace those parts and see ourselves with love.

Why can’t we be happy with the skin that’s been given to us. Why are we always reaching for somebody else’s idea of beauty?

So here’s message to you. It’s time to love yourself. Just the way you are with all your curves and all your edges. All those perfect imperfections.

– Bodyimage | Shade 1

This is the first one and a big step for me.

This Friday I shared this self portrait with my tramily on our monthly voice evening. On this evening we share our creative projects with eachother. A lovely evening

Something that was a little terrifying, because I had to stand up and share these words with them. Being vulnerable and sharing these words I wrote made me really insecure. Thankfully I have wonderfully and supporting friends around me who will push me out of my comfortzone and are my biggest supporters.