Dear Lima,

Today is my last day here and it’s been a blast. Thanks for all the good food, the gentle seabreeze and stunning sunsets. The month was over before I knew it and I am a little sad to leave.

Your museums are beautiful, I loved Mate and Larco. Calleo was inspiring and had a great vibe. All the beautiful streetart and the stories of how the area rise up where amazing.

Barranco your artistic vibe was just what I was craving for. And last but not least Miraflores, what a holiday it was to live here. The vibe, the views and our apartment where just what I needed.

Lima, you where not what I expected. It was so much better. Thanks for an amazing month!

Love, Wendy


The Museum of Mario Testiono was one of the highlights of my stay in Lima. I loved it so much I didn’t want to leave.

I loved every single picture, but was blown away by the video room. On three sides, from top to bottom, you have screens where every couple of sec you see his pictures and one side a mirror side.

The room filled with Prince Diana’s portraits and dress are breathtaking. It is such a sad story, but also a blessing that these beautiful pictures that truly captured her essence where taken just 2 months before she passed away and are an heirloom to treasured.



Some of my favourite moments: