The place where you feel comfortable. Where you know what is going to happen and what to do. This comfort zone is different for everybody. For me my comfort zone is staying inside and be on my own doing my thing.

See I have two sides in me the introvert and the extrovert. One really enjoys being alone and the other part loves being around people and go on adventures. So I am in a constant struggle to stay in my comfort zone.

Last year I made a big decision. One that is gonna change my life and also puts me out of my comfort zone like a lot. I decided to leave my comfortable life, a business that was rising and pack my backs to go travel the world.

State of mind

I put myself in an adventure mood. In a state where I don’t know what is gonna happen. Which is scary and stressful at times, but it’s also the place where the magic happens. So they say ;-).

Every 3 years or so I do something to break myself out of this comfort zone. Travelling, moving, going to college or quit my job (several times ;-). Most of the times it wasn’t even a conscious decision. I just listened to my intuition and knew that there has to be change.

Trust me it is not as easy as it seams. It’s hard and stressful in the beginning, but for me it is also necessary. Even when I often ask myself why? It’s when I look back and see how much these decisions has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.

New beginnings

This year started off with a bang. A big one! With 50+ people I’ve never meet. In a place I’ve never been and a lot of unknowns. This ain’t Kansas anymore …

This week already has been a rollercoaster. So many new things, mindfucks and green monsters. Trying to stay grounded and also meet a lot of new people. Who you wanna show off your best self. Even when you tired, scared and sometimes don’t have a clue who your best self is.

So this year is not a year of comfort for me, but a year where hopefully the magic happens. I can’t wait to see what this magic has in store for me. I love to hear your plans for this year and how your gonna challenge yourself to step out your comfort zone? Please leave a comment below.

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