Dear BA,

Long time no see! You where the beginning of this adventure. We ringed in the New year and what a start of the new year that was. Celebrating this with 50 new friends. And the best part of the getting lost on the way to next party, because your program leader gave you the wrong direction. Left, left 6 blocks will forever be engraved in our minds. Then coming home and get stuck in the elevator with 8 people, is another memory I wont forget.

But BA your where good to me. You where one of this cities that was on my bucketlist for a while. I loved your vibe, the asado’s, pooltime and to many fun nights out. I loved learning about your history, riding on a bike and hearing the stories about Evita, fernet and meat. I loved seeing people dancing the tango, it is such a powerful dance.

This month was more the beginning of something special. Thank you for hosting this special first month. With to many special moments.

Love, Wendy