So 2018 is gonna be a big, big, big year! The whole year I’ll be traveling and working remotely.

I will travel with the organisation, Remote year. With a group of 50-80 people, we will be traveling to 12 cities and live in each city for month. They take care of all traveling, accommodation, co-working and other logistics during my trip.

I am super excited for all the new adventures!

I’ll be working on my online business and go international. Also I’ll be doing destination shoots in evert city. If your interested please send me a messages and I will tell you all about it.

Below you can see the cities I’ll be traveling to …


The Itinerary :

January | Buenos Aires, Argentina

February | Córdoba, Argentina

March | Lima, Peru

April | Medellin, Colombia

May | Bogotá, Colombia

June | Mexico City, Mexico

July | Lisabon, Portugal

August | Prague, Czech Republic

September | Belgrade, Serbia

October | Split, Croatia

November | Marrakesh, Morocco

December | Cape Town, South Africa

I am leaving in ...